The following plenaries will be taking place the morning of Monday, May 12 during CheMS. To view the schedule, click here.

Intorduction Current and future community assets & opportunities for the Chesapeake region (Kevin Sellner)
P1: SVP-CADRE-IWR-USACE (Hal Cardwell)
P2: The Pathway from Research to Operations: The Community Approach (Frank Aikman, NOAA-CSDL)
P3: CSDMS (Syvitski)
P4: CHRP (Kemp)
P5: WATERS-CUAHSI-NSF (Clark Liu, Clesceri, Paul Bishop)
P6: CBEO (DiToro)
Charge for the meeting The "How" and "Why" of Community Modeling (Alexey Voinov)

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