Instructions for Authors

Although it is not a requirement, we are providing the functionality to submit papers, presentations or background material to allow your colleagues to come better prepared for the discussions at the workshops. After you submit an abstract you can also submit other files that will go to the web-sessions to accompany the workshops. These papers, presentations and files will be made available to all participants before the Symposium in order to facilitate engaged conversation.

Notes on Paper Formatting

As an example we are providing a sample file to prepare your paper. This is not a required format, only a suggested one. Please use this format if you are submitting a paper, or submit it in a different format if it better suits your needs.

Just keep in mind that you don't want it to be too long. It should be short enough for other participants to read it before coming to the workshop. To ensure compatibility with different operating systems and word processors it is recommended that you rather not submit your papers in the .doc format. Instead make a pdf file.

Alternatives to Papers

Although the web tool classifies such submissions as "Papers", your submission could be:

  • a pdf file with a paper describing your research
  • a powerpoint file of your presentation
  • a poster of your presentation (also pdf or ppt)
  • a short abstract about your ideas or concerns
  • a list of questions that you would want to discuss

Also, when you will be submitting your materials you will be asked to fill out a form about your model or data set. This will go into the CCMP model and data repository, which we will make available to all symposium participants to query and find the information you need.

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